Quick check in

July 21, 2009

Work has been crazy, so I haven’t had time to write here, but I have been writing. I did 436 words yesterday and 648 today on my book, wrapping up another chapter. The story’s moving along well, and the characters’ personalities are coming out nicely. Here’s the rest of the details:

Current word count: 15,408

Words to goal: 24,592 / 346 words a day til end of September

I signed up for a conference at the end of October and submitted the first 1,200 words of this new book for a critique. By then I’ll have finished the book and that opening might change in the revisions, but we have to look ahead. I read through it a few times before I mailed it off, and I’m happy with it for now, so we’ll see how it goes.

You going to any conferences soon?

How’s your writing coming?

Write On!



  1. Hi Samantha!

    Work has been crazy for me too…must be something in the water. The writing is going better this week. I think I’ve finally gotten rid of the “internal editor.”

    I haven’t signed up for any conferences, but I did submit my first chapter for a contest–like you, I’m sure that it will change once I finish the novel, though.

    Good to hear that despite the busy schedule that you’re still writing!

  2. Congrats on your contest submission, Karen. It’s good to get your work out there.

    Glad to hear your writing is going well despite your workload too. Yeah, getting rid of the internal editor really helps to move forward.

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