My name is Samantha Clark and although I have a day-job, in the wee hours of the morning, I’m following my first love — writing novels. I’m currently revising my first novel, a middle-grade book with a touch of supernatural, about a boy, a witch and a mysterious stone, and writing my second novel.

I’m also the author/illustrator of a line of children’s travel books. Sir Newton’s Color Me Books blends education with coloring and activity pages all around a common theme, or rather, location. We have two books already out and another in production.

The best part is that we donate 10% of the sale of each book to a local children’s charity in the location.

If you would like to learn more, see samples, download some coloring pages for your kids, go to www.sirnewtonbooks.com. And send Sir Newton an email. He’s actually real; and he loves email.


  1. Added you to my blogroll, btw. 80)

  2. Thanks for the plug for my blog.

    Or should I have written, I am thanking you for…?
    Nah. Guess not.

  3. Samantha,

    I found you through a comment you made on one of Kristin Nelson’s blog posts last year. I got my degree in London and then moved to America (like you, my husband is American). I’m about to begin querying, and I wonder if you have any information on the differences between the UK and US publishing industry. I’ve been in touch with an agent in the UK, but there are also great agents here I’d like to contact. I wonder if the advances etc. are similar, or if one market would be better to break into. If you have any info, I’d love to know.

  4. Hi Samantha, I just added you to my blog. Happy moving.

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